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My name is Sarah Pepper and I truly believe that a household without pets is not fully complete. In our care your pet will be treated like one of our own and given lots of individual love and attention. Your pets well-being and happiness is our main priority. I have owned Spaniels all my life and love the energy and affection that seems to be in built in all of them.

My dog walking services provide a welcome break for those dogs left at home all day as their owners work full time. Boarding Establishments do not suit many pets and many pet owners hate the thought of leaving their beloved dog/cat locked up in a strange place for a week or so. Being able to stay in their home environment and having home visits is a much kinder and beneficial option for you and your pet. They will feel more secure and relaxed and you will have piece of mind they are not getting too distressed without you.


Dog Walking - Click to expand

We can provide daily, one off and weekend walks. Normally lasting a minimum of one hour. We will collect your dog from your home, drive or walk depending on location. If you have any preference to where you would like your pet to be walked we can accommodate this. If not, he or she will be able to enjoy a run on the beach or in the park and will get lots of attention and time to have a game. If your dog/dogs are in their mature years we can just have a gentle stroll.

All poop will be responsibly scooped. During the walk a watchful eye will be kept on your dog at all times and we will stop for rest breaks and give your dog a refreshing drink halfway. We want your dog to have fun so if they like to play they will be given the opportunity to fetch ball, sniff around, run off the lead with us and generally enjoy whatever they love doing.

On return to your home we will make sure those muddy paws have a good clean off. We will then settle your dog down for a snooze ready for your return home. Your dog will be treated and cared for as though it is one of our own pets. The safety and well being of your dog is extremely important to us. Dog tags will be provided with the company name and contact number whilst the dogs are in our care. We recommend that all dogs should be micro-chipped. Your dog will be kept on a lead until in a safe area and with written permission to allow off the lead. Please note bitches in season will not be walked.

We offer a free Consultation prior to the first walk so we can meet you to discuss your requirements and of course this will give us a good opportunity to meet your dog, so we get to know each other.

Mobile Grooming - Click to expand

Offering a mobile dog grooming service for your pooch. De-shedding, clipping, nails, all in the comfort of your own home.

Puppy Care - Click to expand

Puppies usually require several small meals a day and consistent toilet training which means regular access to outdoors if they are to become house trained as quickly as possible. We are able to provide a puppy care service; we can visit your puppy at home, pop him or her out in your garden for toilet training, refresh his water and food, clean up any little accidents there might have been and then have plenty of time for play.

Hopefully after play we are ready for a nap, and then soon it will be time for you to come home and give them more hugs. As your puppy gets older and has had their injections we can start taking him or her out for little walks but not too far as we do not want to push them too much, just enough to say we have had a walk. We will wait until they are getting stronger for the longer walks. Visits, you can choose how long you want company for your puppy and whether you want more than one visit from us in the day.

Cat Visits - Click to expand

If your cat needs feeding and you are unable to be home to do this, due to work or perhaps you are away for a few days or more, we can come in and feed your cat and give him or her some cuddles. During visits we will make sure your cat has fresh food and water, and is a happy cat. If he or she is an indoor cat we will refresh their litter tray for them. We can also have a game if your cat is up for that or just lots of fuss.

We are able to come in for 30 minute visits or an hour if needed. If you require more than one visit a day that is no problem as we can come along to see your cat again. Whilst we are visiting your cat we can check to make sure all is ok with your home; that all windows are secure, open and shut the curtains accordingly and water your plants. If you have any other requirements we will be more than happy to accommodate.